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At Golden State Comfort we take pride in our work to make sure you and your family are safe, comfortable, and keep the utility bills to a minimum. We have chosen these services that you see here because we think we can change your power bill and make you much more comfortable with one of these simple changes.



There are many choices of thermostats and we offer an extensive selection of only the best.  Including, the most technically advanced features accessible from any internet based phone or computer. As well as energy saving outdoor sensor types for those homes with a heat pump or dual fuel. 


Did you know that it is possible that you may be using the wrong type of filter in your home?  Some people buy the expensive filters that cost much more to operate equipment. If you have not had your system checked, go with a basic filter.

Preventive Maintenance

Most people do not think about maintenance on their AC and heating equipment. Just like an oil change on your car, equipment should be serviced regularly. PM could save you a service call in the peak of the season and save you money on utilities while ensuring the safety of you, your family and your home.


With the most technically advanced diagnostic equipment in the north state, we service all makes and models of AC equipment, Heaters, and Ventilation Systems to get you back in your comfort zone as fast as possible.

Residential Install and Repair

Golden State Comfort offers you the best prices along with the best installation practices and the highest efficiency equipment with the best Lifetime warranties in the industry to utilize the money you are spending to give you the best return on investment.

Commercial Install and Repair

We can take care of all your Commercial Needs, one time maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Service, and Energy Monitoring.Golden State Comfort will give you a Estimate on what really needs to be done, instead of stuff you dont need to give you the cheapest price and the best practices around.

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